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   Eureka County has services typical of a county of similar size. Most residents have ready access to adequate police and fire protection, medical facilities, and judicial services. Recreational opportunities, including hunting, hiking, exploring abound. The following section offers selected information on public services, community services, recreational opportunities and cultural activities available in Eureka County.

Fire Protection
Eureka County funds volunteer fire departments in Eureka, Crescent Valley, Beowawe, and Pine Valley. The County provides facilities, equipment, training, and supplies for the volunteer services. Eureka County also contracts with the Nevada Division of Forestry for wild fires in the County.

Medical Services
Medical Facilities. Eureka County operates the Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Eureka and the Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Crescent Valley by contracting with Nevada Rural Health Services. The County Medical Centercontracts with the State of Nevada for the services of a community health nurse. Revenues from fees paid by patients at the Diagnostic and Treatment Center are retained by Nevada Rural Health Services to offset operating costs. Eureka County subsidizes the operations since the operations are not self-sustaining.

There is no hospital and no separate hospital district in Eureka County. Residents of and visitors to the County obtain most medical, dental, and pharmacy services in Ely, Elko, Reno, Battle Mountain, and Salt Lake City. The nearest hospitals are Elko General Hospital and Battle Mountain General Hospital.

Emergency Medical Services
Eureka County funds volunteer ambulance/EMT services in Eureka, Crescent Valley, Beowawe, and Pine Valley. The County provides facilities, ambulances, training, and supplies for these operations. Eureka County is served by emergency medical flight service to transport patients to Elko or major hospitals in case of medical emergency.

Judicial Services
District Attorney. The District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting all felony, gross misdemeanor, and juvenile offender cases committed anywhere within the County. The District Attorney's Office also provides legal advise to the Eureka County Board of Commissioners and other elected or appointed offices. In addition to statutory duties, the Eureka District Attorney's Office also performs the following duties:
  • Child support enforcement
  • Bad check restitution
  • Public administrator
  • Public guardian
District Court. Eureka is part of the Seventh Judicial District, which includes Eureka, White Pine, and Lincoln Counties. Two District Court Judges are elected to 6-year terms and must be attorneys licensed to practice law in Nevada. The District Court System is responsible for hearing all gross and misdemeanor and felony criminal trials that have occurred in Eureka County. District Court is also responsible for hearing all juvenile matters, estate matters, divorce matters, and any civil cause of action where the amount of money involved is over $3,500. Additionally, the District Court Judges are responsible for maintaining a law library in each of the three counties.

Justice Courts. Eureka County funds a justice court in Eureka and a justice court in Beowawe. One Justice of the Peace is elected for each Court. The Justice of the Peace may perform marriage ceremonies anywhere in Nevada but the Courts have jurisdiction over cases in Eureka County. The Courts hear civil cases with amounts up to $7,500, small claims up to $5,000, and landlord/tenant eviction hearings.

The Courts also issue Temporary and Extended Protective Orders with hearings. The Courts handle citations issues by the Nevada Highway Patrol, the Nevada Division of Wildlife, and the Eureka County Sheriff's Office. In addition, the Courts issue search warrants and arrest warrants, hold arraignments and trials for misdemeanors, and handle felony and gross misdemeanors cases from the initial arrest through the preliminary hearing stage, including bail setting and probable cause determination. Extradition hearings are held when a defendant is accused or has been convicted of serious crimes in another state.

Law Enforcement
Sheriff. The Administrative Division consists of an elected Sheriff, an Undersheriff, and a Civil Deputy. The Patrol Division consists of six full time deputies, five reserves, one patrol sergeant, and one lieutenant. The Jail Division consists of detention deputies, sergeants, and lieutenants. The Communications Division consists of four full time and two part time dispatchers.

The Eureka County Sheriff's Communications Division handles all calls for Sheriff, Fire, and Emergency Medical Service. In addition, the Communications Division takes doctor and physician assistant calls outside of business hours. The main office and jail is located in the Town of Eureka with a substation located in the Town of Crescent Valley.

Eureka County operates libraries in Eureka, Crescent Valley, and Beowawe through an interlocal agreement with Elko County. Eureka County provides the buildings and certain assets for use of Elko County personnel to run the libraries.

Senior Centers
Eureka County operates senior centers in Eureka and The Senior CenterCrescent Valley. The Eureka Senior Center offers a daily lunch meal with occasional breakfasts and dinners, transportation services, homebound meals, a housekeeping program, Medicare/Medicaid Insurance Assistance, food assistance, and recreational and social opportunities.

The Fannie Komp Senior Center in Crescent Valley offers lunch, transportation, Medicare assistance, and recreational and social opportunities.

Community Organizations
Residents have the option of participating in the various service organizations in Eureka County including the Eureka Lions Club, Eureka Lodge, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Girl Scouts of America, Eureka 4-H, and Future Farmers of America. Additionally, there are several churches in the County. St. Brendan's Catholic Church, St. James Episcopal Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Diamond Valley Baptist Church, and St. Mark's Lutheran Church all hold regular services in the vicinity of the Town of Eureka. The Baptist Church and Pentecostal Evangelical Church hold services in the Town of Crescent Valley.

Dispersed outdoor recreation is the predominant type of recreation enjoyed in Eureka County. Residents of Eureka County, as well as residents of other parts of Nevada and other states, rely on open spaces in Eureka County for recreational opportunities, including camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, nature study, history study, photography, rock hounding, mountain biking, back country travel, horse packing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, picnicking, and sightseeing. The Roberts Wilderness Study Area (WSA) in west-central Eureka County and the Simpson Park WSA in southeastern Lander County are used for hunting, hiking, and camping. Additionally, the County also provides recreational facilities, including:

The County maintains two ball fields, the Town Park, Children's Park, and a park at the Eureka County Fairgrounds. The Town of Crescent Valley includes a park with basketball and tennis courts, a picnic area, a ball field, and a playground. Fairgrounds for equestrian events are located adjacent to the Town.

Swimming Pool
Eureka County operates an indoor swimming pool in the Town of Eureka.

Shooting Range
Eureka County provides funding to Perdiz Sport Shooting, Inc. for operation of a facility for sporting clays, trap and skeet shooting. This facility is located approximately 2 miles south of the Town of Eureka.

Note:Fishing and hunting season information is available from the Nevada Divsion of Wildlife:

Arts and Culture
Eureka County Opera House
Built in 1880 and recently restored, the Eureka Opera House offers full convention and meeting services. The Opera House hosts a wide array of cultural events year round, including concerts, ballets, and a range The Opera Houseof theatrical productions. The Opera House features the Grand Hall Auditorium which seats 300 people theater style or 150 people at banquet tables. The Diamond and Prospect Meeting Rooms accommodate 50 people seated theater style or 48 people seated at banquet tables. The meeting rooms also serve as the fine arts gallery for the Opera House's permanent fine arts collection or traveling exhibits.

Sentinel Museum The Eureka Sentinel Museum interprets the history of Eureka County. The museum is housed in the 1879 Eureka Sentinel Newspaper Building in the Town of Eureka. The ground floor of the building was made into a county historical museum in 1982; in June of 2000, the museum expanded to include both floors of the building. Eureka County accounts for the costs of operating the museum in the Culture and Recreation section of the General Fund.

Sources: Great Basin Development Association, Public Services Analysis for Six Local Governments;

Eureka County, Impact Assessment Report on Proposed Shipments of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste through Eureka County, Nevada

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