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Energy Services
   Eureka County is served by three electric utilities. The central and southern portions of the county, including the Town of Eureka, are served by Mount Wheeler Power, Inc. The northwestern corner of the County, including Beowawe, receives electricity from Sierra Pacific Power Company, an investor owned utility. Wells Rural Electric Company serves a small segment of the County in northeast Eureka.

Water and Sewer

   Water service for the town of Eureka is provided by the Eureka Town Water System. The water is supplied from two wells, which draw from the Diamond Valley Water Basin Aquifer. The two wells are located approximately three miles north of the Townsite of Eureka.

   Devil's Gate Water District provides water service to some residential development in Diamond Valley. Crescent Valley is served by the Crescent Valley Water Department. Residents not served by the county water system rely on individual wells and surface springs for water.

   The Town of Eureka has a wastewater collection system with evaporation and percolation ponds. Sewage disposal in the Crescent Valley, including Beowawe and the Town of Crescent Valley, occurs through private septic systems.

Solid Waste Disposal

   The Eureka County Public Works Department operates a landfill located on the west end of the Town of Eureka and a transfer site located near the Town of Crescent Valley. Residents of the County may purchase a household waste permit for $25 a quarter or $100 a year. Previously, Eureka County paid Lander County to dispose of waste from Crescent Valley in the Battle Mountain Landfill. Under a new contract with the hauler, Hoss Disposal, waste from Crescent Valley is now disposed of in the Eureka Landfill.

Source: Great Basin Development Association, Public Services Analysis for Six Local Governments


   The Eureka Sentinel, the County's only weekly newspaper, is published by Central Nevada Newspapers, Inc. It has a circulation of 500 newspapers per week. The Elko Daily Free Press, Battle Mountain Bugle, High Desert Advocate, Ely Daily Times, Reno Gazette-Journal, and Carlin Express also serve residents in Eureka County. The Eureka Sentinel and Elko Free Press are the County's newspapers of record for legal notices.

   Eureka does not have a local broadcasting radio station, however, AM and FM stations from Elko, Ely, and Reno are received and transmitted locally. National Public Radio from Reno is heard in Eureka and Crescent Valley on transmitters. Eureka County residents have access to regional and national television stations. Cable television is also available within the town of Eureka. In Crescent Valley, limited television reception is available. Some residents in the outlying areas have satellite dishes.

   A fiber optic line extends north south through the county providing high-speed communications on the Internet to the Eureka County administrative and school district offices only. Eureka County also offers Internet services to county residents at a base rate of $20 per month. Telephone service is provided by Nevada Bell. Cellular phone coverage is also available across much of the county.

Source: Eureka County Assisted Living Facility Feasibility Study

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