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  • Local Governmental Entites

    State Governmental Entites

    Federal Governmental Entites

    National Environmental Groups

      Americans for the Environment. Political resources and skills. Everything from how to visit your congressional representatives to election results on environmental initiatives.

      Audubon Society -- Info on Audubon's many campaigns for endangered species, forests, wetlands and wildlife refuges. Also, a partial, up-to-date copy of Audubon magazine.

      Ducks Unlimited -- Ducks Unlimited is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving wetlands.

      Environmental Defense Fund -- Good information on climate change, fisheries and endangered species. "Scorecard" allows you to track down major polluters in your area and "Hogwatch" keeps tabs on industrial pig farms.

      Environmental Working Group -- "Where You Live" provides state-by-state population and employment numbers, PAC contributions to members of Congress, wetlands destruction, farm subsidies and a catalog of wise-use groups.

      Izaak Walton League of America -- IWLA is incorporated as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for conservation.

      League of Conservation Voters -- "Environmental Scorecards" rate members of Congress on how they've voted on key issues. The "Dirty Dozen" includes those who scored the lowest. Also, profiles of Sens. and Reps. and political news and editorials.

      National Parks and Conservation Association -- Save the Yellowstone bison! and other NPCA campaigns. Updates on park planning, bills in Congress, and links to national parks resources.

      Natural Resources Defense Council -- Clips from Amicus Journal, "Legislative Watch" on environmental bills, political races, and how-to guides ranging from buying organic food online to fighting airport pollution.

      Public Lands Information Center -- Maps, permits, agency info, recreation info, and a public lands museum.

      REP America - Republicans for the Environment. -- "Heroes and Zeros" awards the best and worst policymakers."The Green Elephant" newsletter polices the GOP's own ranks.

      Sierra Club -- Action alerts and information from the club's national office.

      The Nature Conservancy -- The Nature Conservancy magazine and archive, press releases and reports on conservation science. Also, "America's Least Wanted" weed database.

      Student Conservation Association -- A non-profit group that matches volunteers with temporary positions at national parks, refuges, forests and other public

      The Wilderness Society -- Nicely organized, up-to-date site about wilderness issues at the national level.

      The Wildlands Project -- Fancy site from the most vocal advocates of large-scale nature reserves.

    Specific Environmental Groups

    Wise-Use and Property Rights Resources

    Industry Trade Groups and Resources
      Mining USA -- The mining industry's source for company lists, publications, job listings and links.

      Forestry Degrees -- A site to help students who are interested in Forestry degree programs find all the info they need by visiting one site.

      Intermountain Forest Industry Association -- Find past issues of the group's newsletter and press releases at this site.

      Pulp and Paper Resource Council -- An industry group Website that includes a newsletter, a purpose statement and position papers.

      The Northern Miner -- A weekly mining industry newspaper published on the Web, plus links.

      Energy NewsData -- Check this site for current information on the utility industry, salmon restoration and conservation news.

      ForestNet: Logging and Sawmilling Journal -- Rely on this site for updates on trends in the timber industry in the United States and Canada.

      Envirobiz -- At this Website the International Environmental Information Network, find a clearinghouse of links to environmental service and technology companies that work in environmental cleanup and management.